How Ben Proposed

These pictures were taken by one of best friends, Carree Britt! You can check out her facebook page, Carree’d Away Photography.

How Ben Proposed:

For all of you who want to know, here is the story of how Ben proposed to me. On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, Ben and I went to listen to devotional as usual. We have made a pattern of listening to devotional on the radio together (devotional is a kind of worship service/sermon held at our university every Tuesday).


Now, he had told me that he was going to propose in a couple of weeks, so I wasn’t expecting a proposal that week. We went to Smith Park and had a picnic during the devotional. It was snowing, so we put the picnic blanket on the concrete floor of a gazebo, and unpacked the picnic basket. Ben had bought strawberries, red grapes and sparkling grape juice, and I had brought Jelly Belly beans.

proposal 3

It was funny, because as we listened to devotional, the radio did not want to work anywhere but on Ben’s knees or my lap. The devotional speaker was Brother Edwin A Sexton, on the Economics Faculty at our school. He talked about Christ, and the literality of His Resurrection, and of His Resurrected body. I was slightly sleepy, so whenever the speaker would end a quote that used the word “amen”, I would say amen, and thought it was over. Ben laughed at me. 🙂

proposal 4

It was so peaceful and blissful spending time with Ben. Listening to devotional with Ben is one of my favorite set of memories, and that day was especially nice. We noticed a dad and his daughter playing at the park, which was endearing, and I smiled in amusement as the wind blew snow onto Ben’s shirt. It was funny -I thought it was such a nice day, that I was trying to hold onto every detail, and was slightly narrating in my head (‘And then, as the snow blew gently across Ben’s shirt, I looked into his eyes and felt completely content with the world’); I can be silly like that sometimes.


At the end of the devotional (and I had said amen at the right time, finally), I felt really cold and asked Ben if we could go somewhere warmer. Now, normally, Ben helps me stand whenever I get from sitting, but he didn’t, and I thought, ‘that’s strange’. He then quickly knelt down in front of me. It took me a second to process, and then I realized what he was doing. I was so surprised! He pulled out the box the ring was in, and asked me very simply if I would marry him. I have always felt a simple question is better than an elaborate declaration of love. I was so excited, that I threw my arms around his neck and said yes. Ben held me for a little while, and then said, “I didn’t hear what you said.” I laughed and told him, “Yes, of course!” Apparently Ben just needed to be reassured. Oh, it was just so…perfect!


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