Clean Your Plate at … Ohm’s Cafe in Mandan!

If you are looking for a hidden gem, Ohm’s Cafe is a local diner in Mandan, North Dakota that I absolutely adore! Ben and I have been to it a few times now, and recommend it to everyone we know!

This little diner is amazing! We went to celebrate a special event and decided to go all out! (Normally our portions are much smaller I swear … That, and you know, doggie bags…) 😉

This time, Ben got the Denver Omelette with a side of eggs and sourdough toast. I got steak and eggs as well as a Belgian waffle. It was pure heaven!

They also serve lunch and an early dinner, and have a fun German night on Wednesdays!


808 W Main St, Mandan, ND 58554


  • Monday — 6AM–4PM
  • Tuesday — 6AM–4PM
  • Wednesday — 6AM–4PM
  • Thursday — 6AM–4PM
  • Friday — 6AM–4PM
  • Saturday — 6AM–3PM
  • Sunday — Closed

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I Fell in Love with … Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara!

Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara 1

I first heard about this mascara on Taylor Wynn‘s YouTube channel, a beauty influencer that I love watching. And since I was dissatisfied with my previous mascara, I decided to take a chance. I have never tried an essence product before, so I was excited to branch out of my comfort zone.

Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara 2

The wand definitely looks different, compared to my previous wand. It’s longer, thinner, more curved, and has longer  bristles. I wasn’t sure if the wand would work for me, but I tried it … and loved it!

Unlike the Covergirl Lash Blast mascara that I have used in the past, this wand grips my lashes and gives me that instant volume look that I’ve been waiting for. The formula is also thicker, which I think helps add to the volumizing effect. (Also keep in mind that I used a lash curler.)

I do wish that it came in black brown or even brown, but that is a minor complaint. Overall I adore this mascara and can’t get enough of it!

Price: $4.99 on Amazon

Verdict: A Beauty Must-Have!

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Beading and Jewelry Making!

Bead Making -Elephant Necklace

For my birthday, at the beginning of the month, I received a present of several strands of beads from my mother-in-law. I love beading and jewelry making, so this was a wonderful present!

This first necklace that I made is my favorite! It is made of white howlite elephant beads and agate round beads. I love the muted look, and of course, elephants are my favorite animal!

Bead Making -Teal Necklace

Next, is a pretty simple green bead necklace. When I saw these beads, I fell absolutely in love! I could see myself pairing this necklace with quite a few different outfits!


Last, I made this tear drop necklace. I like the variation of blue and teal, and the shorter length. I improvised and used some fastenings from another necklace to complete this one.

Overall, I am pleased with my work! I have some more beads that I will use for projects in the future!

Look Flawless with … Bellix Beauty Sponges from Amazon!

Bellix Beauty Amazon Makeup Sponge Set 1

I love beauty sponges! I think it gives such a nice, pretty finish to my foundation or BB cream, depending on what I am using.

Now… a beauty sponge is supposed to be replaced every 3 months… my old one was probably veering into the 6 month range. So, finally, I decided to buy an 8 pack of beauty sponges from Amazon. The nice thing is that it cost me only a dollar more for 8 sponges than I paid for 2 sponges at Walmart.

Bellix Beauty Amazon Makeup Sponge Set 2

It definitely gets bigger when wet, which can be good or bad depending on how much surface area you want to cover. Personally I like it. I can spread foundation quicker, and then use the narrow end for more precise application. I noticed that the sponge seemed to stay almost permanently bigger after being wet for the first time, but it may just hold onto moisture longer than my older sponge.

The material is soft and bouncy, just like it should be, and applies foundation easily. I also found that it washed well too. Thankfully I am at least in the habit of washing and rinsing after every use! (I like to use the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser to clean it.)

Price: $6.59 on Amazon

Verdict: A Beauty Must-Have!

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What I Think About … Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara!

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in Brown 1

Today I’m reviewing the Covergirl Last Blast Mascara. I bought this mascara because it comes in the color brown, not just brown black, which is more flattering to my skin tone. That said, it is the only aspect of the product that I like.

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in Brown 2

The thing about the wand is that the bristles are so short, that they don’t grip my lashes, so not a lot of product gets deposited. I have to do three coats just to get a semi-decent eye look. The formula doesn’t seem to do much either.

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in Brown 3

As you can see in this picture, the mascara does make my lashes darker, but it doesn’t do much in terms of length or thickness.

Overall, it’s not absolutely terrible, but I definitely don’t recommend.

Price: $6.17, Walmart

Verdict: Meh… It’s Okay

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What I Think About… Rimmel Stay Matte Fix & Go Setting Spray!

Rimmel Stay Matte Fix & Go Setting Spray

Today I am reviewing Rimmel’s Stay Matte Fix & Go Setting Spray.

Sigh. This a product that I had high hopes for. It promises to mattify skin, as well extend the wear of my makeup. As far as I am concerned, it did absolutely nothing besides dry my skin out and make it feel sticky. My makeup lasted the same amount of time, and if anything, my skin looked shinier. Also, the nozzle didn’t spray evenly. I was disappointed, as other people reviewed it highly on Amazon. Unfortunately, my experience was not the same.

If you are looking for a good setting spray, I would recommend either Wet ‘N Wild’s Photo Focus Matte Setting Spray, or if you don’t mind spending a little more, Urban Decay’s All Night Setting Spray.

And so the search continues!

Price: $5.97, Walmart

Verdict: Bottom of the Waste Basket!

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Having Fun With Adult Coloring!

Adult Coloring Sunflowers Page Cherries

One of my hobbies is adult coloring! I loved coloring as a kid, and it’s fun that it’s become a thing now that I am older. I’m not the best or most creative at adult coloring, but I enjoy it all the same. It is fun and engaging.

In this first picture. I like the white space in this cherry picture, so I decided to leave it as. 🙂 My inspiration was ranier cherries that grow in Washington.

Adult Coloring Sunflowers Page

Next is a picture of sunflowers. They are my sister-in-law Katie’s favorite flower, and they remind me of her.

Here is the last page, which just finished. I thought red would be perfect for the swirly background!

Adult Coloring Book Karmin Creations Kaleidoscope

And here is the coloring book I used! It is an older book, no longer in print, but there are lots of other fun ones out there!

What I Think About … Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Today’s post is about the Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-Use Concealer, in the shade Cool Ivory. I have heard great things about this concealer everywhere from beauty blogs to YouTube channels to Instagram influencers, so I had to try it out. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

It does add some coverage and brightening to my eyes, but it does not cover up the darkness under my eyes, which was a bummer. It doesn’t crease under my eyes, which is a plus, but the main reason I bought it was to conceal darkness. It is supposed to be a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but in my view, is completely different. The Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer is super heavy duty, and completely gets rid of darkness under my eyes. It has a steeper price tag, at $27 at Ulta, but works much better. While I am tempted to buy that, I will keep searching for a good drugstore concealer.

As you can tell from the picture, I have used most of this product up, so I have a better informed opinion than in a first impressions post. Overall, it’s an okay product, but nothing special.

Price: $7.98, Walmart

Verdict: Meh… It’s Okay

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Sing Along to My Christian Rock Playlist!

Christian Rock Sparrows

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Christian rock and pop songs, and wanted to share a short playlist with you.

My absolute favorite song at the moment is “Sparrows” by Jason Gray. It talks about how I can safety and reassurance knowing that God is aware of all his Creation, including me.

Christian Rock The River

Next is “The River” by Jordan Feliz. It captures my love and enthusiasm for the gospel, as well as fond memories of being baptized.

Christian Rock Diamonds

Next is “Diamonds” by Hawk Nelson. I love that it talks about how we become more refined and precious through our trials and life experiences.

Christian Rock Soul on Fire

Next is “Soul on Fire” by Third Day. It has a fantastic beat, and reminds me to find excitement and endurance in the gospel.

Christian Rock Greater

Lastly is “Greater” by MercyMe. It is a good reminder that perfection is found through Christ, not through the approval of the world.

If you would like to list to my complete Christian Rock YouTube Playlist, click here.

And that’s it for now! Have a lovely, blessed day!

Lock in Your Eye Makeup with Milani Eye Primer!

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Today’s post is about the Milani Eye Primer. I have gone through several, and so far, this is the best drug store eye shadow primer I have managed to find. It has a nice, thin, creamy texture and goes on sheer. I do prefer primers that add a little coverage, but this one still does a good job.

It helps with making my eyeshadow colors look more vivid, and helps keep it on longer. My eyeshadow lasts about 7-9 hours without creasing when I wear this eye primer, as opposed to my usual 5-6 hours.

I wouldn’t say this eye primer works as well as Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion, but for the price, it is a good solid product.

Price: $6.39, Walmart

Verdict: Not Too Shabby!

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